Q:  What information did Triangle receive about Logix members?

A:  Name and address information for about 2,600 Nashua members was obtained by Triangle Credit Union and used to mail a letter promoting Triangle as an alternative financial institution for them to use rather than Logix.

Q:  Triangle’s letter implied Logix has gone out of business.  Is that true?

A:  No, although we did close the Nashua branch, Logix is thriving as one of the strongest financial institutions in the country.  Nashua members’ accounts are unaffected by the closure of the Nashua branch, and all of the services that Logix offers – deposits, loans, and brokerage and insurance products – remain available to them today.

Q:  Is any of my personal account information at risk because of the information Triangle CU received?

A:  No.  The only information Triangle received was name and address information.

Q:  How did Triangle receive this information?

A:  This information was passed to Triangle by a Logix employee who was not authorized to do so.  The employee responsible is no longer with Logix.

Q:  Is my personal account information safe at Logix?

A:  Fulfilling our fiduciary duty to protect member information is of the highest priority, and we will continue to actively monitor and improve our methods of doing so.

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