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Compare Savings Accounts

Tell us your interests and we’ll tell you ours. Whether you’re saving for a rainy day or a sunny vacation, we have an account and rates that meet your needs and personalized service that exceeds your expectations. Discover which account is best for you and open it within minutes. Not sure which way to go? Speak with a Logix Representative online or in person.

Savings Account

Deposit at least $5 to open a main savings account and earn steady dividends.

Holiday and Vacation Club Accounts

It's the easy way to save for big expenses — holidays, vacations, taxes, insurance, or just a future rainy day.

All Logix savings accounts come with a few other perks you can take advantage of:

Access to 30,000 Fee-Free CO-OP ATMS (that’s way more than the big banks offer).
Have your payroll, social security or other recurring payment deposited directly into any of your savings accounts.
Designate a portion of your regular paycheck to be deposited into your account for future use or to make automatic loan payments.

Unlock all the benefits Logix has to offer. Open an account today or check out our great rates.


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