Powerful Mobile Banking Features

Manage Accounts

Conveniently manage and monitor your accounts in one place.

Mobile App Account
Mobile App eDeposit

Easily Deposit Checks

No need to stop by a branch or ATM, easily deposit your check with your phone.

Easy Money Transfers

Easily send or receive money from friends or make transfers between Logix accounts.

Mobile App Transfer Money
Mobile App BillPay

Pay Bills and Set Auto Payments

Easily pay bills and set up automated payments from your accounts.

Just a quick reminder...

In order to get started with the Logix Mobile App you’ll need to register your account within online banking. It’s quick and easy to set up your username, password, and confirm your email.

Logix Mobile App

Mobile banking lets you manage your accounts from your tablet or smartphone.

Send Money
Experience seamless money transfers with just a few clicks - simple and stress-free.

Easily Deposit Checks
Save time and energy by effortlessly depositing checks anytime, anywhere.

Automate Your Finances
Gain control over your expenses. Set up auto payments.

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Frequently Asked Questions

There is no charge assessed by Logix Federal Credit Union when you download the Logix Mobile Banking App, but mobile service provider data and message rates and fees may apply. Please contact your carrier for details.

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