Lockheed Legacy

Logix was founded as the Lockheed Aircraft Employees Federal Credit Union in 1937, during the height of the Great Depression. Twelve charter members started the credit union, which was originally located on the grounds of Lockheed’s Burbank facilities. The efforts of those founding members allowed Lockheed employees access to credit when bank loans were unavailable, and provided a secure place for savers to deposit their money, with the greater benefit of helping fellow Lockheed employees. This cooperative banking structure remains the core of our organization today.

During the 1940s, shortly after the credit union was founded, the war effort demanded much of the company. Lockheed Aircraft employees rose to the challenge, and became renowned for innovation and hard work. These values, too, remain with the Credit Union to this day.

As Lockheed Aircraft grew, it was forced to reevaluate facilities and programs, and ultimately merged and changed its name to the Lockheed Martin we know today. While we, too, have changed our name to one that more accurately reflects our ability to serve the general public, we will never change the way we do business, the value we place on service, or the respect we have for the thousands of Lockheed Corporation and Lockheed Martin employees who have helped us thrive since 1937.

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