Logix Credit Card Benefits

Logix Credit Cards come loaded with perks. You get some of the best rates in the industry, plus no fees for cash advances - ever! You'll love how much you save.

Choose Your Credit Card:

Platinum Rewards

APR as low as
3 Points per $1
Platinum Rewards
APR as low as
Card benefits:
  • Earn valuable rewards points with every qualifying purchase*
  • Spend $2,500 in 90 days and get 10,000 bonus points!
  • 0% Introductory APR for purchases for the first 6 months your account is open
  • Annual fee: $0


APR as low as
APR as low as
Card benefits:
  • Carry a balance from month to month with the lowest possible rate
  • 0% Introductory APR for purchases for the first 6 months your account is open
  • Annual fee: $0

Savings Secured
Secured by funds on deposit with Logix

Savings Secured

Secured by funds on deposit with Logix
Card benefits:
  • Build or repair your credit
  • Annual fee: $0

Highest Level of Security Enabled

We’ve added a new layer of security to our credit and debit cards, especially useful for cardholders shopping online. One-time passcodes sent to your mobile phone will help us make sure your transactions belong to you.

How it works: A passcode request will pop up during online transactions when our system detects the need for additional security. If you receive a request, check your mobile phone for a text containing the passcode, then enter it where prompted online. If you don’t enter the correct passcode, your transaction will not go through.

Logix Security Shield

Safety features that come
with your Logix Mastercard®

ID Theft Protection

Enroll in Mastercard ID Theft Protection™. Restore your identity and replace your card if you become a victim of identity theft.

Zero Liability**

You won’t be responsible for unauthorized transactions. Simply report the transaction within 60 days.

Card Notifications

Turn on Card Notifications in the Logix Mobile banking app to receive notifications for every card transaction.

Robix Credit Card Charge
Peace of Mind
Convenience, safety & and ease of use

Your Logix Mastercard credit card has chip and magnetic stripe technology. That means, regardless of what type of terminal a merchant has, you’ll be able to use your card anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Travel Notifications
Traveling? Bon voyage!

Thanks to the enhanced security features of the Logix Mastercard Credit Card, you no longer need to inform us when you’re traveling. Your card offers the same security whether you're using it abroad or within your home country. Don't forget to verify that your email and phone details are current, in case we need to get in touch. Enjoy your trip with confidence and peace of mind!

Travel with Platinum Rewards

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a credit card?

You can apply for a credit card online, by phone, or in person at any branch. Logix membership is required.

What are the different types of credit cards offered?

Logix credit cards include the Platinum Rewards Mastercard, Platinum Mastercard, and Savings Secured.

Are there any annual fees?

There are no annual fees associated with the credit cards.

Are there any rewards or cashback programs?

Yes! Our Platinum Rewards Mastercard earns up to 3 points per dollar with Relationship Rewards, redeemable for cash back, gift cards, gifts, travel, and more. Please see Reward Program Disclosure for details.

What are some of the features and benefits of credit cards?

The top highlights include no foreign transaction fees (Logix rebates foreign transaction fees), no annual fees, low variable rates, and more.

*Logix Platinum Rewards Mastercard credit card offers a generous 1.5 points per dollar spent. Relationship Rewards “Gold” members earn 2 points per dollar spent, and “Platinum” members earn 3 points per dollar spent! Your Rewards Account and Summary will reflect Rewards Points Balance and Year-To-Date totals in whole points only. There is no limit on the Rewards Points you can earn each month. Any determination of qualifying transactions and exceptions for Rewards Points is at the sole discretion of Logix Federal Credit Union. Logix reserves the right to verify and adjust Rewards Points at any time prior to or following point posting and redemption.

†10,000 Bonus Points – Bonus Points are awarded on the 10th day following the date the required net new purchase amount is attained, provided the required purchase occurs within 90 days of the Platinum Rewards Credit Card issuance date. Combining multiple cardholder purchases and proration of Bonus Points is not permitted. The 10,000 Bonus Points cash redemption value is $100 and earned points are redeemable only through the Logix Rewards point redemption website.

‡Introductory Rate on Platinum Rewards and Platinum Regular Card: Introductory Rate is available to members who meet minimum credit score and underwriting criteria. Cardholder must qualify. Credit card purchases made during the first 6 months your credit card account is open qualify for 0% APR for the first 6 billing cycles. When the Introductory Rate period has ended, the rate applied to any remaining outstanding balance for those transactions will be at the cardholder’s standard Credit Card rate.

**Zero Liability means you won’t be responsible for unauthorized transactions when you notify us within 60 days from when we sent you the statement on which the item appears. Mastercard Zero Liability also protects against unauthorized purchases if your card is lost or stolen. Conditions and exclusions apply.

Full details about card benefits like Mastercard ID Theft Protection™, see the Guide to Benefits.

Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.

Logix Credit Cards are available in the following states: AZ, CA, DC, MA, MD, ME, NH, NV, and VA. Logix membership required.