The Logix Robot

BenefitsThis cute little guy just showed up outside one of our branches one day, chirping, beeping, and humming along as he peeked in and checked out our lobby. He seemed awfully curious about how Logix is different.

After a while, we decided to adopt him as our mascot - he does seem to have the same great blend of personality and tech we strive for here at Logix. The only thing left to do was name him. After accepting nearly 4,500 submissions and a month long voting process, the name we selected was Robix, submitted by long-time member, Manny Glez!

MaxWe're excited to welcome Robix into the Logix family, and look forward to seeing him regularly on our ads, in our branches, and on our Facebook page. We even gave him his own X (Twitter) account and adopted a dog for him from a local shelter. We named him Max.

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