If your credit union is looking to boost its business loan portfolio, you’ll want to partner with an industry leader - a trusted brand with a history of conservative, responsible growth and a record of continuously positive results. Logix maintains excellent broker relationships, and keeps one of the strongest net worth positions in the industry. Logix was named by Forbes as the best credit union in California on June 28, 2018, and also outpaced the top-rated credit union in the state. We partner with other credit unions to provide earning opportunities with great service.

We are always looking for strong partners to participate in loans, and we’d like to take the first step toward doing that with your credit union. We offer frequent partnership opportunities for 5/5 ARM, 7 year fixed, with 25 to 30 year amortization options for loans on a variety of commercial property types.

General Loan Guidelines for Logix:

  • Preferred LTV 65, Max 70%
  • Minimum DCR 1.25X
  • Strong Global Cash Flow Requirement
  • Geographic Footprint Limited to California

If you would like to be alerted about our existing participation opportunities, or to be alerted when opportunities arise in the future, please contact Suraiya Sodager-Gross, our Participation Loan Operations Specialist, at 818-565-2498 or email [email protected].

Loan Participation Opportunities – Currently Available!

Investment Yield Comparisons

Logix's Financial Strength and Strong Loan Performance

Total Assets

Total Assets have steadily grown annually since 2012. Most recent FYE 2017 increased $600M or 12% from FYE 2016.

Net Worth

CRE Originations

Portfolio growth and management. Strong loan demand, robust infrastructure and strong earnings.

CRE Originated Gross Rate

Strong portfolio performance. No reportable delinquency or losses on CRE loans originated since 2012.

Return on Assets

In comparison to other credit unions up to $2 billion in asset size, Logix's return on assets performs at least 41 bps better than industry.

Loan Comparison Pie Chart