We are here to help you through the process every step of the way.

Vehicle Information

To refinance or help you purchase your currently leased vehicle, we’ll need the following vehicle information:

  1. Make/Model/Year
  2. Current mileage
  3. Vehicle Identification number (VIN)
  • Along with vehicle information we will also need the current payoff billing statement from your existing lender.
  • We will help you fill out the required DMV paperwork.
  • We’ll simply need your vehicle title.
Lease Buyout
  • Along with your vehicle information we’ll need lease buyout statement and instructions from your lease company.
  • We will help you fill out the required DMV paperwork.
  • The sales tax on your lease buyout is based on where you currently live.
Financing with Logix
  • Contact your Logix loan officer to complete your transaction.
  • Sign all of the loan documents and you’re done!
  • We’ll pay off your existing loan and update your vehicle title. It’s that simple!
  • After you complete the refinance or lease buyout, please add full coverage insurance with Logix as the "loss payee." Insurance must be non-commercial policies only.