We are here to help you through the process every step of the way.


Research the year, make, model, options, price, reviews, performance, vehicle history, and insurance costs before making a decision. This could save you time and money. Here are a few sites that can help:

Dealer Purchase
  • Ask whether the vehicle title is BRANDED (Salvaged, True Miles Unknown) or the vehicle is being leased. This will prevent you from obtaining financing with Logix.
  • Test drive the vehicle and ask to have the vehicle inspected by your trusted mechanic. They can spot mechanical and body structure damage.
  • Negotiate the best price possible. Typically, private-party vehicles are less than ones purchased at the dealer.
  • Logix will handle the DMV transfer of ownership.
Financing with Logix
    • Contact your Logix loan officer to set-up an appointment or complete your auto purchase. Your loan officer needs the following:
      1. Vehicle Title, Registration, Smog Certificate
      2. Lender Statement with Payoff and Authorization for Payoff (if financed)
    • Your loan officer will review the documents, confirm the loan amount, Sales Tax, DMV Fees, term, rate, due date and payment with you.
    • After you complete the auto purchase, please add full coverage insurance with Logix as the "loss payee." Insurance must be non-commercial policies only.