Thank you for choosing Logix for your purchase loan.

Let us guide you on what to expect from application to closing. Keep in mind...the quicker you respond to our requests, the faster we can finalize your approval.

Step One

We have received your loan application!

  1. Your loan officer will reach out to you to confirm options, request any additional documents and will outline the next steps of the purchase process
  2. If you would like to sign your documents electronically, please create a user account in the Borrower Portal.
  3. Initial disclosures will be issued for you to review and sign
Step Two

Good news! We're reviewing your loan application.

  1. If an appraisal is required, an appraiser will reach out to the real estate agent to schedule an appointment
  2. A Logix underwriter will review your application and will reach out if additional documents are needed
  3. You will receive a package from the escrow company, be sure to complete and return your escrow paperwork and any requested documentation as soon as possible
Step Three

This step determines whether or not your application has been approved. If your loan application is approved, it will be approved subject to conditions.

  1. A Loan Processor will be assigned to your loan and will be reaching out to you to review the approval letter
  2. Your loan processor will confirm your closing date and advise on what steps need to be taken to ensure a timely closing
Step Four

Your loan is being processed.

  1. Your processor will request any additional items needed and outline the next steps of the process
  2. You will receive a copy of your appraisal
  3. We will work with the escrow company to obtain required documents
  4. You will receive weekly status updates from your Loan Processor
  5. Keep in Mind - The quicker you respond to your requests, the faster we can finalize your approval
Step Five

Almost there! We're preparing your loan documents.

  1. We will prepare a Closing Disclosure that will reflect the terms of your loan
  2. Your Loan Processor will reach out to confirm you’re ready to proceed, discuss funds needed to close and answer any questions you might have
  3. If you have opted and are eligible to electronically sign, you will receive an email with a link to review and esign a portion of your documents
  4. The escrow company will reach out to you to set up a loan document signing appointment
Step Six

Congratulations! Your loan has been funded.

  1. Your Loan Processor will reach out to you to confirm your loan has funded
  2. Best wishes for many happy years in your new home