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Enjoy a 4.00% APY
13-Month Promotional Certificate

At Logix, we get excited when we can help members like you thrive by growing your money with higher earning rates. Now is a great time to elevate your savings with a 4.00% APY on a 13-month promotional certificate.

  • Dividends are earned daily and compounded monthly.
  • $1,000 minimum opening deposit.
  • Dividends may be withdrawn without penalty.
  • Available for a limited time.

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  • Log into Online Banking.
  • Click on Accounts in the top navigation menu.
  • Click on Open a New Account.
  • Select 13-MONTH PROMOTIONAL CERTIFICATE: Min Bal - 1,000.00 from the Choose Account Type dropdown.
  • Complete and submit the form.

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Certificate Value

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This calculator is provided for education and illustrative purposes only, and not intended to provide investment advice. The accuracy of the calculations and their applicability to your circumstances are not guaranteed. Please consult your financial, tax, or legal advisor regarding your unique situation.

13-Month Promotional Certificate: APY = Annual Percentage Yield. Minimum opening deposit and minimum balance required to earn 4.00% APY is $1,000.00. The Dividend Rate and Annual Percentage Yield appearing above are fixed for the term of your Certificate Account. Dividends are earned daily and are compounded and credited monthly on the first day of each month. Fees could reduce earnings. If you have elected to receive distribution of your dividends monthly, your dividends will not be compounded. Dividends may be withdrawn without penalty; however, withdrawal of principal results in an early withdrawal penalty. Rate Effective 1/17/23 and is subject to change. 13-Month Promotional Certificate may end at any time. Logix membership required.

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