Message on Equality

Friday, June 12, 2020

Dear Valued Members,

Ana Fonseca
Ana Fonseca
President and CEO

Just as we were restoring more services for you in the wake of COVID-19, George Floyd’s brutal and senseless death brought to the forefront a centuries-old systemic problem. As recently communicated, Logix has taken prompt and important steps to limit the risk of exposure to COVID-19 to protect the health of our staff and membership. Simultaneously, we are taking proactive steps to address racism, injustice and inequality in our communities and country.


Our credit union was formed on the belief that communities are stronger when financial institutions work in partnership with their members, invest in their growth, and help build promising futures. The peaceful protests we have seen throughout our communities have brought together people of all ages, races, and ethnicities, collectively fighting for better futures and a world without racism, discrimination, and violence. We will continue to support our communities as all of us strive to achieve this vision.


As a financial resource to our communities, there are actions we are taking to help create and sustain lasting change, opportunity and equity. Our nonprofit foundation, Logix Community Stars, donates to many local charities, including Penny Lane Centers and Circle of Hope. Most recently, we provided $5,000 to the San Fernando chapter of Jack and Jill of America, an organization of mothers dedicated to raising the next generation of African American leaders, while enhancing the lives of all children. Our donation will continue to advance and strengthen their futures by supporting their programs in leadership development, advocacy, and service. We will continue to support community organizations that foster opportunity, well-being and brighter futures for those who need it most.


At Logix, we take pride in gathering a workforce from a wide variety of backgrounds, races, religions, ages and walks of life. We embrace and appreciate our differences. We remain united in our condemnation of racism, inequality and injustice. Our support for our local communities and for programs that enrich lives grows out of our culture of diversity and inclusion. Please remember that our Logix family is here for you.

We value you and encourage you to keep communicating with us. I promise you, we will keep listening. Please send your feedback on this topic to [email protected].

With respect and gratitude,

Ana E. Fonseca
President and CEO