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Logix EMV "Chip" Mastercard FAQ

Logix now offers "chip cards" for members who wish to increase the security of their transactions. Please see our FAQs below for more information about this offering.



FAQ:How to use Logix EMV Chip MasterCards

Q: Why is Logix switching to chip cards?
Chip technology will soon become the standard in the U.S. Acceptance is already established in more than 130 countries including Canada, Mexico and the United Kingdom.

Q: What is a chip card?
A chip card is a standard-size card with an embedded microchip. The embedded chip provides enhanced security and protection when making purchases at chip-enabled terminals.

Q: Will my new chip card have the same number and PIN?

A: Yes. Your replacement card will have the same information as your old card.

Q: Does this chip mean my identity will never be stolen?

No. But, it does mean you are protected to a much higher degree when you are making purchases at vendors with "chip" machines. You should still make every effort to keep your card information safe, and use tools like the Logix Mobile App to review your transactions, turn your cards on or off, and set up card alerts.

Q. Do I have to upgrade to a chip card?
A. In 2016, we will be issuing these cards to all new card accounts, and to people who request the cards. When your current Logix card expires, it will be replaced with a chip card.

Q. How does the chip card work?

A. Cards with chips make unique transaction codes with machines that have chip card readers about what information will be used for the specific purchase. In doing so, the card information becomes more difficult to counterfeit or copy.

Q. Do I need to take any action to get my new card?

A. Yes. If you want a new chip card, please contact us at (800) 328-5328.

Q: What if I want to make a purchase online or at a vendor that doesn't have "chip" terminals?
You can still use your card with the magnetic stripe or the card number as you have in the past.

Q: Does Logix offer services to help me safeguard my accounts?
Yes! If you have an Android or iPhone smart phone, download the Logix Mobile App to receive instant alerts when your credit or debit card is used to make a purchase, ATM withdrawal, or other transaction. You can even “turn off” your card if you suspect fraudulent activity on your account. Click here for details.

Q. Why do I have to enter a PIN when I use my chip credit card?
Chip and PIN is the highest level of security provided on chip credit and debit cards. There may be some merchant terminals that will ask for a PIN to be entered with your purchase.

Q. Can I use my chip card at an ATM?
Yes. You can use your chip card at the ATM as you do today for cash advances. Some ATMs may prompt you to keep the card in the machine.  Just follow the prompts or directions on the ATM screen.

Q. How does a chip card work for online and telephone transactions?
Online and telephone transactions will work the same as they do today.

Q. What if I can’t remember my PIN when I’m traveling abroad?
While traveling abroad, if you are asked for a PIN and cannot remember it, there may be a different terminal that will accept the magnetic stripe. Otherwise, you can call (800) 932-4003 to change your PIN over the phone.

Q. When will I receive my chip credit card?
We will start issuing chip credit cards June 30, 2015 to members whose cards are expiring. If your card is reported lost or stolen or you open a new account, you will receive a chip card. Also available upon member request.

Q. What about debit cards? Will Logix issue chip debit cards?
Yes, we will begin issuing chip debit cards First Quarter 2016.
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