What is MoneyMover?

MoneyMover is a convenient way to transfer funds between your Logix Business Account and Business Accounts you have with other financial institutions.* And, the best thing about MoneyMover is it's FREE. Did you know other places charge a fee for transfers to other financial institutions? Yikes, that can get expensive.

How It Works
Add MoneyMover Account

Log in to Online Banking, click "Transfers/Payments" from the menu, then click "MoneyMover."

Enter Other Bank's Information

You'll need the routing number and account number for the business account you have at your other financial institution.

Verify the Two Trial Transactions

There will be two small trial transactions made to your external business account that you’ll be asked to verify.

Set Up a Transfer

Please allow three business days to verify transactions and complete your set-up.

How to set up MoneyMover?

In case you encounter any problems setting up MoneyMover, visit this blog post for detailed instructions.


Need help?

Get in touch with us today. We'll help you every step of the way.

*The business entity name and EIN or SSN must match on both of the business accounts to and from which the funds are transferred.