eDeposit Mobile FAQ

  • What is "eDeposit Mobile?"
    eDeposit Mobile allows you to conveniently deposit your checks using your Logix Mobile Banking App, without driving to the credit union.

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  • How do I get eDeposit Mobile?
    Download the Logix Mobile Banking App to your iPhone or Android. Sign into your account and you will see "eDeposit Mobile" on the main menu.

    Logix for iPhone     Logix for Android

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  • How do I use eDeposit Mobile?

    • Sign into Logix's Mobile Banking using the Mobile Banking App
    • Click on "eDeposit Mobile"
    • Select the Account you would like to deposit your check into
    • Enter the amount of the check
    • Restrictively endorse the back of the check as follows: For mobile deposit only at Logix Signature of payee
    • Take a photo of the front and back of your check

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  • How should I prepare checks for deposit with eDeposit Mobile?

    • Only checks drawn on US banks in US dollars are eligible for eDeposit Mobile
    • Restrictively endorse your check as follows:
      1. On the first line, sign the check (this will be your signature(s), or the business name, as applicable)
      2. On the second line, put "For Mobile Deposit Only at Logix"
    • Ensure all 4 corners of the check are visible
    • Place the check on a contrasting background (i.e. dark background for light-colored checks)
    • Checks should be as flat and wrinkle-free as possible, with no visible rips or tears

    Note: Some checks with light ink (i.e. Money Orders) may not be read properly by the application and thus may not be accepted by eDeposit Mobile

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  • What are the minimum system requirements for eDeposit Mobile?

    • iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with iPhone iOS 6.0 or higher
    • Android smartphone or tablet with Android 2.2 or higher
    • Hardware must have a camera

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  • What is the maximum deposit limit per day?
    Most eDeposits are subject to a $5,000 daily maximum. Other restrictions may apply.

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  • After depositing, what should I do with the original checks?
    Clearly mark the original checks as "Deposited" and retain them in a safe place for sixty (60) days.

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  • Does eDeposit Mobile cost anything?
    The eDeposit Mobile service is free, although data rates may apply.

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