Fraud and ID Theft Prevention

Fraud Fighting Services from Logix

As a Logix member, the security of your accounts and personal information is important to us.  Please take time to review the following links for the most up-to-date information on current threats and scams, and how you can protect yourself:

EMV "Chip: Cards: All new Logix credit cards (and soon, debit cards, too) come with a "Chip" embedded. This technology makes it nearly impossible for your card information to be stolen when used at a merchant's chip reader.

Apple Pay: If you have an iPhone 6, you've got extra fraud-busting power. Import your Logix card to Apple Pay and use this service when merchants offer it at checkout. Your phone and the merchant's reader will create a secret code, called a token, which protects your information from being stolen and used against you.

Identity Theft Restoration Services:  For added Identity Theft protection, you can also sign up for our credit monitoring service.

We regularly post on the subject of Fraud in our blog.

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