Bank Like a Boss

Membership is a big deal! Logix is proudly not a bank. We're a credit union. And we're different. When you establish membership at Logix you are more than a customer, you are part owner. That means we simultaneously work with you, and for you. Membership means you have access to rates and service beyond what you could get from a bank because we don't serve outside shareholders. We exist exclusively to serve our members. In a sense, as a member-owner, you're the boss.

Why Is Membership Required?

Imagine walking down the street and suddenly you see it - a brand new gym, with all the latest equipment, fitness classes, and personal trainers you've always wanted. You can't wait to try it out! But there's one catch... you HAVE to become a member before you can use any of the amenities. From what you can see, everything is perfect, but there is no guest pass. You must join to be able to take advantage of your fitness paradise. You could go to another gym that doesn't require you to join, but it doesn't offer the same low monthly prices and exclusive equipment as the one you want. It is the same with becoming a member at Logix. Membership gives you access to better rates and service, and from thousands upon thousands of 5 star reviews everywhere you look online, it's easy to see membership is preferable to being a customer. And unlike a gym, it's only a onetime $5 deposit in your new savings account to join that will be held there for the duration of your membership.

You Belong Here

Also unlike a Gym, not just anyone can walk in and sign up for membership. Eligibility for Logix membership includes:
  • Employees and retirees of Logix sponsor companies, groups, and associations
  • Family members of a current member by blood, marriage, or shared residence
  • Or, you can qualify by joining, at no cost, the following non-profit organization:
    • The American Consumer Council, a non-profit membership organization founded in 1987 and dedicated to consumer education, advocacy and financial literacy.

Don't worry about that for now. When it's time to tell us how you qualify for membership, we'll let you know!

Join Us!

Once you become a member, you're in! You become part of an elite membership of peers who benefit from the alternative banking experience that is Logix Federal Credit Union. Now that is smarter banking.

Bank like a boss