U.S. Government Shutdown Relief Provisions

Relief Provisions

If you have been furloughed due to the United States Government Shutdown, we want to help! We are able to assist with the following:

• Total or partial Certificate of Deposit withdrawals without penalty

• Rebate of Skip-A-Payment fees incurred during the shutdown

• Rebate of Courtesy Pay fees incurred during the shutdown

• Rebate of Low Balance fees incurred during the shutdown

• Unsecured loans up to $5,000, with 12-month repayment (to begin the month following resumption of normal government funding), at rates determined by management, and underwriting based on the member’s financial position immediately prior to the government shutdown.

• Credit card line of credit increase of 10% from existing limit (no application or underwriting required)

• Existing consumer loans may receive a temporary loan modification during the shutdown, at a rate to be set by management.

• Consumer and real estate property in the foreclosure or repossession stage are temporarily halted during the shutdown

*U.S. Government shutdown relief Provisions and documentation requirement: Provisions: This program provides relief for borrowers whose ability to meet obligations has been impaired when the legislative body cannot agree on a budget to finance its government programs. Please note proof of eligibility for relief services may be required (e.g. notice of furlough or a recent paystub/record of direct deposit from a government-related agency).


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