Relationship Rewards

We think great relationships deserve great rewards! That’s why all Logix checking accounts come loaded with the following Relationship Rewards perks:

  • Free ATMs—Enjoy unlimited free access to 30,000 CO-OP network ATMs, plus unlimited free transactions1 at any other ATM in the world.  
  • Cash Back—We rebate ATM surcharge fees! We’ll pay you back within 24 hours if another financial institution charges you for using its ATM (up to $3.50 per transaction).
  • Higher Certificate Rates—Earn a rate bump on your Certificate and IRA Accounts.
  • Free Checking—We’ll waive or reduce the monthly service fee on the checking account of your choice.
  • Mortgage Fee Discount—We’ll reduce our already low closing cost fees by up to $500. Why borrow anywhere else? 
  • Free CU Service Centers—Get unlimited free transactions at any shared branch each month.  
  • Increased Dividends –Bump up the dividend rate on your Premier checking account.
  • Free Checks—Use them any way you like. Let your kids color on them. What the heck, they're free!  
Your household's combined loan and deposit balances with Logix* $10,000 $25,000 $100,000
Here's What You Get      
Free transactions at 30,000 CO-OP Network ATMs Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Free Transactions at any ATM in the world (Logix fee waived) 10 per month Unlimited Unlimited
Rebates for ATM Surcharge Fees Charged by Other Banks (up to $3.50 per transaction) $6 per month $12 per month Unlimited
Mortgage Fee Discount $150 $350 $500
Free Shared Branch Network Transactions 2 per month 3 per month Unlimited
Free Checking (monthly service charge waived) N/A Yes Yes
Personal Checks 1 box free each year 1 box free each year Unlimited free boxes each year (any style)
Fee Waivers** Yes Yes Yes
Bonus Rates for Certificates View Rates
Bonus Rates for Premier Checking View Rates

*Combined balances include loan, mortgage, checking, money market and savings, but do not include certificates.

**Platinum members are exempt from overdraft transfer fees. Platinum and Gold members receive two free cashier’s checks per month. Please refer to the current Schedule of Service Charges and Fees for fee information.

Silver, Gold, Platinum—Earning Rewards is Easy

To earn rewards, we add up all the combined balances of your entire household each month. The higher your total balance, the greater your rewards! Eligible balances include core savings (savings, checking and money market accounts) and loans (auto, mortgage, credit card, ReadyLine).

Refinance or transfer accounts you have with other institutions to increase your Relationship Rewards status.

To qualify, all you need is a Logix checking account and:

Level Core Savings and Loan Balances2
Silver $10,000
Gold $25,000
Platinum $100,000

1"Unlimited free transactions" applies to Gold and Platinum tier members and means that non-Logix ATM fee is waived; ATM surcharge fee rebates are unlimited only at the Platinum tier.
2Certificate account balances are not included in determining Relationship Rewards levels.

Relationship Rewards Disclosure and Important Details

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